1. "When you remember your ordeal and it no longer hurts, that’s when you know, you have finally let it go."
    — Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol

  2. "When I come to think of it if anything I regret not writing enough about happier times. Those times I was passionately in love. Perhaps, that’s the thing about love, when you’re in it you’re busy living it. Busy smiling, kissing and laughing, that our words become verbs meanwhile escaping the pen and paper."
    — Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol, 18 Inches

  3. "My Love"


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  5. "Don’t ask me why I love you,
    When all you have to do is see.
    How difficult to explain in words,
    When this love from my pores secretes."

    Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol


  6. "I stared into the endless sea and I thought of him. I wondered if my love for him was truly as deep as the ocean I found myself swimming in. I understood loving passionately is not based on the amount of times one has fallen in love, nor the amount of times one has made love. In fact, it’s not about the act of making love at all. It’s based on the decision one makes to give your all to love. To walk through its dark forests. To survive its infinite deserts. To sail through its storms. To run side by side with love. To never look back and to never let go."
    — Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol

  7. "Listen to your soul. She always knows where you should be."
    — Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol

  8. "Accept your heartbreak. One cannot stop pain. Pain is meant to be felt. Cry if you must. Let it consume you if you must, and then allow it to be over. Say goodbye after having fully experienced it. Learn from it, learn the meaning of decisions. Afterwards, you will admire your courage and your strength. Then you’ll never allow anyone to break you in the same way again."
    — Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol

  9. "Pursue your passions.
    Accept your struggle.
    Let your pain shape you,
    and love transform you."
    — Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol

  10. Thought of the day: BE GOLD

    In “Letters, To The Men I Have Loved” I wrote letter for my nephew. In the letter I share with him an ideology that someone taught me. I taught him to BE GOLD. Throughout centuries GOLD has been revered as the highest prize. This is why currency is backed with GOLD, in games the 1st place winner wins a Gold medal or a Gold trophy. Now imagine if you were to start viewing yourself as GOLD everyday? If you were to view yourself as a prize? That when you look at yourself in the mirror you don’t limit yourself because of the color of your skin, your race, or your socioeconomic background…you view yourself as GOLD. As a winner. As excellence. I can guarantee you if you train your mind to think you are Gold your opportunities will become more clear, you will attract different people, less people will take advantage of you, and you will have a stronger sense of self-worth. You might not be a child like my nephew, but trust me it’s never too late to BE GOLD.




  11. "Sometimes the one person that’s bad for you is the person that on a bad day can make you feel good."
    — Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol



  14. "

    If I must write a thousand poems to keep our romance alive,
    To keep our story intact.

    Then my pen shall bring every word to life,
    And every word shall float from my mouth into thine.


    Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol



  15. "Sometimes things have to go to such extremes it forces you to never look back. To quiet your heart, every time it beats for him. To place your hand on your chest every time his eyes connect with yours. The same way you force yourself to pull away when his lips candidly embrace your lips. Softly, quietly because you want that moment to last a little longer. To then say goodbye for good as a tiny speck of hope lingers, wishing that in some nearby future life will connect you both again. Meanwhile, all you have left is the memory of him and the smell of his potent perfume concentrated on your clothes. All while your heart sinks once again at a love story so far gone."

    Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol