2. Time has changed me.

    Everyday I choose to let go of the girl I was once.

    And welcome the woman I am destined to be.



  3. "I want to give you
    every part of my soul,
    Even the broken pieces."
    — M.M.C.M

  4. Being in sync with the one you love, has to be one of the most beautiful feelings a human being can ever experience. Sometimes I think back to certain moments in my life in which I felt nothing in the world existed, but him and I. An incredible happiness that envelopes you, and one can’t help but to smile. A feeling you want to constantly relive, and then one day you realize that life doesn’t give you those moments everyday, and sadly at times those same extraordinary moments can become plagued with pain.

    Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol, Letters To The Men I have Loved