1. September when the fall begins and the leaves need to be raked away. Wrote this a year ago on a day like today. ❀️ #MMCM

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  5. To all of my broken-hearted girls #MMCM loves you! Don’t be jaded anymore ❀️


  6. Anonymous said: I've been with a guy for 4 years &he hasn't been loyal to be throughout our whole relationship when i have, We recently ended things a week ago & he came back into my life the next week but i found out he was texting another girl i knew & when i questioned him he lied to my face & said she texted him, but the girl showed me he did. i broke up with him & now he keeps apologizing & saying he'll do whatever for me to take him back. Idk what to do:( i love him so much it hurts a lot

    I’m sorry. I know it hurts. You can take him back but he’ll probably do it again. It seems he still has a lot of growing up to do. I know it feels terrible because you are loyal to him. You love him. Whatever you decide to do, don’t become jaded by his mistakes. But please put yourself first. NO ONE deserves to be cheated on.Β 




  7. oncecourageousheart said: Hello I just want to ask, is your book available in the Philippines? Please answer me T.T

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  8. "When I come to think of it if anything I regret not writing enough about happier times. Those times I was passionately in love. Perhaps, that’s the thing about love, when you’re in it you’re busy living it. Busy smiling, kissing and laughing, that our words become verbs meanwhile escaping the pen and paper."
    — Mirtha Michelle Castro MΓ‘rmol, 18 Inches

  9. justanaijagirl:

    :: accept your heartbreak. one cannot stop pain. pain is meant to be felt. cry if you must. let it consume you if you must, and then allow it to be over. say goodbye after having fully experienced it. learn from it, learn the meaning of decisions. afterwards, you will admire your courage and your strength. then you’ll never allow anyone to break you in the same way again.
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    Wooooh!! I got it😁 I’m the happiest girl in the worldπŸ’ƒβœ¨πŸ’« @mirthamichelle #MMCM #LettersToTheMenIHaveLoved


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