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    I Wish I Had Written “Letters To The Men I Have Loved”

    Have you ever read something that was truly profound? A piece of writing that spoke to the very depths of your soul because it vocalized everything you ever wanted to say and then some.


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  9. "A man’s mistake should not reflect on how you view yourself as a woman."
    — Mirtha Michelle Marmol Castro, Letters, to the men I have loved. (via thefifthelementoflife)

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    Some poetry for the soul before bed… 😔


  12. "Listen to your soul. She always knows where you should be."
    — Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol

  13. "Letters, To The Men I Have Loved" is a Summer Beach Essential! Pick up a copy! BarnesandNoble.com or Amazon.com go to my site for links and info! 💗

    Then write to me and tell me which is your favorite letter! #MMCM #letterstothemenihaveloved (at Es Cavallet)


  14. "Accept your heartbreak. One cannot stop pain. Pain is meant to be felt. Cry if you must. Let it consume you if you must, and then allow it to be over. Say goodbye after having fully experienced it. Learn from it, learn the meaning of decisions. Afterwards, you will admire your courage and your strength. Then you’ll never allow anyone to break you in the same way again."
    — Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol

  15. Anonymous said: Mirtha I am so in awe of you and your work. It blows my mind that women like you exist! Will you be doing a book signing in NYC anytime soon? you should honestly do public speaking to the younger women of this generation. Your knowledge, your class and your advice is exactly what most of us young ladies need. In need of someone to look upto you. Your amazing! Thank you

    Thank you so much! Yes I’m going on tour with the book! We are planning a few things! I will keep everyone posted!