1. seemedee:

    So I had to crop this a bit so here is half of my illustration for @mirthamichelle. Stay tuned for her book launch in the Spring for all my poetry lovers.


  2. "Emotions" #LettersToTheMenIHaveLoved Edition. Photography by my friend @alexvnderblvck


  3. Do you ever feel you want to be who you really are without the fear of judgement? I conquered that fear. #LettersToTheMenIHaveLoved #MMCM #Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol #MirthaMichelle


  4. Anonymous asked: I read your tweets and Instagram every time I catch them in my timeline and they keep me gong and want wing to do better for my self. I was caught flirting with another girl via text I really do like my girlfriend so I just hate myself for entertaining that stuff now she didnt breakup with me but told me this is my last chance how do I go to showing that I do want her because I truly do want to be in a relationship with her and I do appreciate her. Thanks.

    You made a mistake and you admit it. Congrats you did what most men fail to do! HAHA. In all seriousness, I’m happy your girlfriend gave you a second chance. I think you need to be yourself. Don’t go overboard. But show you appreciate having her in your life. I don’t know her, but you do! What does she like? What makes her smile? You have all the answers inside of you. Don’t be afraid by living in the past. Move forward and make her happy today! :)




  5. Anonymous asked: I think I'm dealing with my first heart break from a seemingly perfect relationship that suddenly went wrong out of nowhere. We tried to maintain a friendship and it let me to being a little crazy because of how he acts on instagram, he finally lost his mind and told me alot of negative things and that he doesnt love me when a week before he said he did. How do you get over this? He said he wants to "do him right now" and "this chapter is over but our book isnt closed" Hellpp...

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Its terrible. I’ve been there. It sucks what social media does. Sometimes exes can use it as a tool to cut the wound deeper. You must recognize that it’s exactly that…A TOOL. An ex of mine used social media to get back at me, and said he wanted to make me feel the way I had made him feel. He calculated it to get a reaction out of me. I went ahead and ignored him. I chose to cut all ties with him. I chose to move forward. Real healing for my heart came when I forgave him. I know it’s the hardest thing to do, but write it, confess it with your mouth, say everything you need to say and forgive. And do not act like him. Do not try and reciprocate with an immature attitude. Forgive him and move forward. If in the future he comes back differently then deal with it then. Right now worry about you, your mind, and your heart.




  6. Anonymous asked: how much will the book be? I want to save up and make sure I get your book!! I can not wait! ❤️❤️❤️

    You are sweet. “Letters, To The Men I Have Loved” will be priced at $17.95. More info coming soon!





  8. bossybella asked: You have no idea how much I needed to see that last post. I cannot wait for forgiveness to show it's face... Thank you so much ❤️

    I’m glad it helped…I love to hear the growth in all of you! 




  9. A piece that didn’t make the book but I still love. ❤️ #MMCM #SomeRomanceForYourDay—-un poco romance para tu dia!


  10. "All I wanted was to crush him with my words. As if my words had the power to remove my pain and make us even. I was wrong. My words bounced back and cut my wound deeper. Pain is not healed with anger. The wound only closes when forgiveness shows its face."
    — Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol

  11. The Miseducation of #MMCM ❤️ #BeenThereDoneThat #SorryForTheFword #SorryMom #ItJustRhymedBetter


  12. Everyone keeps asking when “Letters, To The Men I Have Loved” is being released…Late May the book will be available! Meanwhile here is the official introductory poem for the book that FYI feels like a novel…because I have immortalized these men in words…Aren’t they lucky? Lol


  13. Anonymous asked: I really want to buy your book "letters, to the men I have loved" & I was wondering where I could get it from?

    Thank you but it’s “Letters To The Men I Have Loved” will be out in late may!!! Everywhere where books are sold.


  14. avintageheartxo asked: May you please check some of the writings I wrote on my tumblr page and give me advice on how I can better it? I like writing but I want to know how I can better myself

    Give me a few days and I will!