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    :: accept your heartbreak. one cannot stop pain. pain is meant to be felt. cry if you must. let it consume you if you must, and then allow it to be over. say goodbye after having fully experienced it. learn from it, learn the meaning of decisions. afterwards, you will admire your courage and your strength. then you’ll never allow anyone to break you in the same way again.
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  9. mariaaboox3 said: Your work is brilliant . Your words touch my soul. Hoping there will be more poems out .

    Thank you so much!! Yes I’ll be releasing more this next year!!!


  10. Anonymous said: Him and I are friends with benefits right now, I want a relationship (he doesn't), I just don't want to lose him because I care about him, a lot. I love when I am with him, I feel like he just doesn't know how to express his emotions.. What do you think I should do.. Ask him about it or just let it be?

    Definitely talk to him for your own peace of mind! If it’s not making you better nor feel better walk away. You always want to feel good about yourself when you’re with the man you love!




  11. Anonymous said: Hello, I live in France and i need to now if I can find your amazing book in a library?! stay blessed x

    You Can order international on AMAZON.COM

    Thank you!!




  12. Anonymous said: is there a poem about a guy you fell for who made you feel like you were never good enough like you were always in competition with other girls (who you always felt were better than you in so many ways) if so could you post it?

    I’ve never felt i’m in competition with other women. The problem with women is that they want to break each other and fight other women because of a man. When in reality they should just cut that man out of their lives. When a man is a cheater he will find someone to cheat with. It’s not about the girl he cheats with, because if it wasn’t that one girl it’d be another.

    You can’t cut the “leaves” off the problem tree. You have to pull out the root!




  13. Anonymous said: I am in absolute awe of your work and read your book abou 3x over and cried a few times to! It's amazing!! So excited for the sequel! I was wanting to ask you something, have you ever been on a date or in a situation w a guy where in the beginning he's all about you, knows your worth, says your rare good woman all the things he wants, but a few dates in starts treating you like the rest? he's gorgeous but he puts such minimal effort in why is that? Is that just who he is? He won't change will he

    Thank you! and Yes I think that happens to any girl who’s out in the dating world. You’re not alone! In these type of circumstances I’d pull back. If he’s not putting in any effort (trust me you know when a man puts effort) then maybe he’s not ready for you or he’s caught up with someone else. Don’t fall for the ideal and live off all the nice things he said at one point. We shouldn’t live in the past. Live in the present. So you treat him according to how he acts with you in the present. Value yourself first!




  14. ashbeanz said: Can't stop thinking about my ex.. For the longest time after the breakup we were still having sex and hanging out but recently he says he's done with everything and I haven't heard from him I love him and I can't help but to reach out what do I do

    Hey there,

    My advice is to let it go. You can’t force love nor a situation. Give him some space. Maybe he’ll come back around, but if he doesn’t you don’t want to chase him. Send him love and well wishes and try to heal.




  15. Anonymous said: Hi, My father is really sick and I need to read something to make me stronger. Any suggestions? Thank you

    Hi I’m sorry to hear that! I’d love for you to read my book! I have two letters that can help you. One titled “Perseverance” and “Wisdom.” I know it must be a very difficult time and sad time, but my best advice is for you to spend the most time possible with your father. Tell him how much you love him. Memorize everything about him. LOVE him.