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  2. I started to cry when I began to read my own words in a letter by one of my readers. This poem were the words she used to describe the way she feels her partner loves her. I love to see people love each other. ❤️ #MMCM

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  4. "Don’t ask me why I love you,
    When all you have to do is see.
    How difficult to explain in words,
    When this love from my pores secretes."

    Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol


  5. I gave an interview to the Guardian Liberty Voice for #letterstothemenihaveloved and it answers lots of questions some of you ask me on my tumblr. You can check out the interview at Guardianlv.com ❤️ #MMCM


  6. littoivis said: Hey, I'm a fan of your writing & I order a personalized copy of your book since Monday, when & how will it be shipped because I don't know how to track where the book is at ? Thank you

    Hey there! They should be shipped on Tuesday!! ❤️




  7. sellekotic said: Is your book going to be available in the Philippines? :(

    Hey there! You can order the book on Amazon and receive it anywhere in the world :)




  8. Catch me on @TheInsider tonight on CBS 7pm! I’m talking about my book “Letters, To The Men I Have Loved” and we also talk a little bit about love & celebrity relationships! #MMCM #letterstothemenihaveloved


  9. "Eu te dei o sol
    Mas você queria a lua.
    Quando eu dei-lhe a lua,
    Você queria as estrelas.
    Então, eu cheguei às cegas,
    para as estrelas mais infinitas,
    E me enrolei ao redor de cada uma delas,
    Só para você.
    As estrelas,
    a lua e o sol combinados,
    Não foram suficientes para o seu coração inconstante.
    Então eu peguei as minhas lágrimas,
    E fiz um mar,
    Assim, você pode navegar
    a Terra
    E encontrar o tesouro impossível,
    Você sempre procura.
    No entanto, todas as manhãs,
    meu sol vai estar lá para acordá-lo.
    Todas as noites,
    Minha lua vai estar lá para acalmá-lo.
    E se você precisar de mim,
    Olhe entre as estrelas,
    Ao redor de cada uma delas,
    Lá, eu ainda vou estar."
    — Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol  (via fatiada)

  10. yayayumz:

    Letters, To The Men I Have Loved


  11. lemuguetdemai said: Hi Mirtha, I just found out about your book today and with just bit of previews from your page, i'm keen to order it soon (as it is not available yet here in Indonesia). Really love your work, keep writing! Much love, L

    Hey there thanks for your interest! It’s available worldwide through Amazon. Go there and order it ;)




  12. candyandcoke said: Why isn't your book being sold in Canada? I've read a couple of the poems and they're by far some of best. I would love to get my hands on a paperback copy. You're an amazing writer.

    Hi there you can order it on Amazon Canada! ❤️


  13. "I stared into the endless sea and I thought of him. I wondered if my love for him was truly as deep as the ocean I found myself swimming in. I understood loving passionately is not based on the amount of times one has fallen in love, nor the amount of times one has made love. In fact, it’s not about the act of making love at all. It’s based on the decision one makes to give your all to love. To walk through its dark forests. To survive its infinite deserts. To sail through its storms. To run side by side with love. To never look back and to never let go."
    — Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol

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